In recent news, e-cigarettes seem to be quite effective when it comes to helping smokers quit their bad habit. In fact, some say that e-cigarettes are as effective as nicotine patches when it comes to quitting smoking.


These electronic devices, which have been growing in popularity for a while now, produce vapours which contain nicotine. The European Respiratory Society presented recent findings which showed how the number of people quitting through the use of e-cigarettes had caught up to the number of people that quit using nicotine patches. The only problem when it comes to e-cigarettes is that there weren't any reports presented on long term safety of the smoker. 

E-cigarettes emit a certain amount of liquid nicotine through its vapour but what makes it a preferred option among smokers is the fact that it mimics the sensation of smoking a regular cigarette. This has caused many people to believe that it's a much more powerful tool for those trying to quit smoking. 

The University of Auckland, New Zealand had a team which had conducted the 1st ever clinical trial where e-cigarettes were compared with nicotine patches. In this trial that consisted of 657 smokers, the results showed that 7.3 % of e-cigarette users quite within 6 months as compared to 5.8 % of nicotine patch users. The only problem is that 657 people isn't a large enough number to definitely prove anything. Read the actual document: 

But what can be derived out of this report is the fact that e-cigarettes, if not better, are at least equally effective when it comes to quitting smoking. The same report also states that around 57 % of the smokers involved in the study who used an e-cigarette reduced their daily consumption of cigarettes by half in 6 months as compared to only 41 % that used nicotine patches. 

The University of Auckland’s Professor Chris Bullen had said that even though their results didn't show any clear differences between e-cigarettes and nicotine patches as far as the 'quit success' rate in 6 months was concerned, the results certainly gave the impression that e-cigarettes were more effective when it came to helping smokers quit or at least cut down on their regular cigarette consumption. He also added that most users in their study were more interested in trying e-cigarettes as compared to nicotine patches. And finally he said that it was important that larger trials were held for electronic cigarettes which would help determine their potential as a powerful smoking cessation aid. 

But, the opinion of the product currently stands divided. Some say that these cigarettes help normalize smoking while others believe that they will help people quit. It seems everyone has missed the most important point, e-cigarettes are much more attractive to smokers than nicotine patches and this is one of the main reasons why they will be more successful in the long run. Now all that's left is clinical trials which can prove that there are no long term ill effects of using e-cigarettes. If successful, in my opinion, most cigarette smokers will resort to e-cigarettes instead of nicotine patches.

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